Vaccine Choice Ohio House Bill 248


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Good bread, 100 Cookies and Lena The Poet

What's For Dessert

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Today I am going to start today’s post singing the praises of a new cafe in Dayton Ohio called Grist. This new addition to the downtown Dayton scene “produces fine-dining caliber bread, pasta, and specialty provisions” as shared on their website.

I had their Smore Tart, the Lemon and Pine Nut Tart and the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie. Those were delightful; however, their homemade bread was deadly. We ate a whole loaf in two days. Most of that was just eating it plain, straight out the bag.

The deliciousness of Grist

My husband has already commanded me to buy more before something happens and they close and we never get to taste such deliciousness again. I agreed I would when they reopen on Tuesday. It’s on the calendar.

Now to the desserts.

Well after a few weeks of…

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What’s for Dessert and a Voyage to Miami

I’m so excited to be featured on the following:

What’s for Dessert Blog and Voyage Magazine

On the site, you can find it in the Inspiring Stories series at the top of the homepage as part of the Miami Beach collection.

Congratulations!  We hope the article brings you tons of new opportunities!