Figure it Out by Lena Fields-Arnold

i'm gonna be honest if you have treated me badly

Relationships are a natural part of life.  As humans we are built for them.  Sometimes however  they go off center.  Many times for reasons unknown and not even because we have done anything other than be ourselves.  It hurts when you give friendships, and relationships your all only to be bitten.  Most of the time we work hard to reconcile them.  To find some meaning behind the sting.

But, do we ask the bee why it stung us?  Do we question the wasps?  Do we interrogate the adders?

So this piece was written after being unexpectedly stung by someone I thought was a friend.  Being so blindsided it made me wonder, “Is this person really my friend, or is this a one sided relationship?”  I had a decision to make.  Try to find out why the person stung me and try to repair the breach.  OR-put salve on the injury and stay away from the bee.  What are your thoughts?

The Good Father Video Tribute to Dads

The Good Father Video Promo
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The Good Father-A Poetic Tribute to Men by Lena Arnold

Published by Emperor Publishing LLC
The Good Father by author Lena Fields-Arnold, is a tribute to all those dads out there doing the right thing. Being men, being responsible, and caring for their children. Everyday is FATHER’S DAY for the good dad, so email this to the Good Father’s in your life.

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