Stuff I’ve Read

As a writer I read a lot!  From time to time I come across books I have to share and when I do I will post them here.  Sometimes I am even compelled to do stuff like this-write an actual review just like the one I wrote below.

“Dayton Ohio is not just the home of famous writer Paul Laurence Dunbar; it is also home baker-bookto a growing renaissance of local writers, penning books across a variety of genres. Out of this large number, occasionally a book comes along that is so well written and so profound that it deserves a national audience. ‘Blood in the Streets’… written by Dan Baker and Gwen Nalls is such a book.As children growing up in this era, this story hit home to my husband and I. We both have memories of the same childhood game called ‘Sniper’. An unknown car would come down the street, and the first person who saw it would yell, “Sniper!” Every kid on the street would scramble for cover until the mystery car passed. I never understood why we played that game until I read Blood in the Streets. It was only partially a game, rooted in a reality that drew innocent children into an adult world. We lived this. We remember the signs telling us we weren’t wanted. Yet, we made friends across racial lines. We did exactly what this sniper did not want. He wanted to stop it My husband was nearly brought to tears as he read the account of the killer.

Baker and Nalls don’t stop at the story of the sniper; they also delve deeper into the heart of an officer with virtually no exposure to black people until he was assigned the West Side beat. You will journey with Dan as he experiences his own internal struggles and learns to understand the people in the world to which he was assigned. In light of today’s ongoing struggle with racism, this book is a must read. Not only for law enforcement, but also for teachers, social workers, or anyone who works in a social service agency.”

—-African-American Lena Arnold is the author of several books including, “In the Absence of My Father and Scenes from the City: Poetic Pictures of Urban Life.”  Emperor Publishing.