A Missing Outcry by beautybeyondbones

A Missing Outcry

I heard a gut wrenching statistic the other day.

One that, I had to bring up on the blog, even though the thought of broaching this topic amid the current climate of Black Lives Matter, and race relations, scares me half to death.

But I have never let fear stop me from posting before. Particularly because the more nervous I am to push “publish,” the more important the topic actually is.

So anyway, enough beating around the bush:

It is more likely for a black baby to be aborted than it is to be born in New York City.


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I totally urge you to click the link. An extremely powerful and thought provoking post



Dear Black Parents Poem Read by Texas Police Officer During Peaceful Protest

As a writer, you always wonder if what you write is having an impact on the world. Samantha aka kewlestchickever on Instagram ran across my poem and made a t-shirt out of it. She wore the shirt to a peaceful protest and this is what happened while she was there. IT WAS AWESOME!. I don’t know who this officer is, but I just wanna say YOU ARE AMAZING and you give me hope that this country will find a way to work together. God bless you and God bless my new instagram friend. To learn more of the backstory follow me on Instagram @lenafieldsarnold or visit lenafieldsarnold.com. 0:03 / 0:45 Dear Black Parents Poem Read by Texas Police Officer During Peaceful Protest

Leadership Lessons I Learned from Peanuts-Snoopy

About Snoopy

  • First appearance: October 4, 1950
  • The wildly imaginative, supremely confident, world-famous beagle is a canine master of disguise. As Joe Cool, he’s aloof, unflappable, above the fray, the hip dog we’d all like to be. As the World War I Flying Ace, he engages in aerial combat with the notorious Red Baron. While pondering life from the top of his doghouse, he writes the great American novel, travels to the moon, and plots revenge on the cat next door.
  • Did you know: Snoopy reads “War and Peace” at the rate of one word a day.


The above was copied verbatim from https://www.peanuts.com/characters/snoopy/ because if you read my blog, you know I don’t reinvent the wheel. If someone says it better I REPEAT IT ! LOL

So, that’s the official description of Snoopy given to the world from the official Peanuts website.

Unofficially Snoopy was the first dog I ever fell in love with. So what if he was more than 20 years older than me by the time we met. I looooved him! Snoopy was actually the hardest character to write about in the series “Leadership Lessons I Learned from Peanuts.” Maybe that’s why it’s taken me so long to write the post. It isn’t because there aren’t a lot of lessons to learn, it’s just that Snoopy, while on the surface appears to be the simplest of the characters in some ways he is also the most complex.

So what exactly was the allure and what leadership lessons can we learn from snoopy?

Snoopy was cool and unlike any other dog in comic stripdom. With the exception of the psycho cat next door (who appeared later in the strip, perhaps an attempt to make him relatable) nothing fazed him.

In a previous installment I talked about how a good leader knows how to follow other good leaders. In following Charlie Brown, Snoopy proved his a loyalty and thus also proved his commitment to being good leader. Sure he often disrespected Charlie Brown, was sometimes selfish, and didn’t always show his appreciation, but when Charlie really needed him Snoopy was always there.

I think though, what really linked me to Snoopy, was his vivid imagination. Life can sometimes be boring and at other times extremely stressful. A good nature and a strong imagination can mean the difference between being depressed (aka Charlie Brown) or cheerful and upbeat. Snoopy balanced “That Big Round Headed Kid’s) neurosis perfectly.

snoopyLike myself when I was young, Snoopy also relished living his fantasy lives. From the British World War I flying ace, or his many Joe Cool characters Snoopy understood the importance of dreaming. Of course, being a writer my favorite character was Joe “World Famous” Writer-penning novels that never went anywhere. Sure he cried sometimes, but he never gave up did he? Not on writing, stealing Linus’s blanket, or on his friends. And that is what real leaders do don’t they. They keep dreaming, they keep believing. In doing so they keep us dreaming and believing in ourselves.

Final Lesson: Real leaders understand the power of dreams!

Snoopy piloting his World War ISopwith Camel” fighter bi-plane, disguised as a doghouse. And who can forget the first moment they go a peek inside that doggie dream house.

Read Series: Leadership Lessons I Learned from Peanuts



High School

A penned this after a recent conversation with one of my best friends whose high school age daughter and also my God-daughter has recently started dating.  I asked how he felt about it and whether or not he’d given the boy “the third degree.”

I was shocked when my friend admitted to having had no conversation with either or them adding that “he’s a good boy,” and “she’s a smart girl” so I have nothing to worry about.”


“Since when did being good and smart EVER have anything to do with teenage hormones?” I asked.  ” I know plently of good, smart kids who wound up with babies and STD’s and so do you.”

“You know ____.  She’s smart like you were back then.  She’ll be fine,”  He said.

“It’s amazing how the passing of time can cloud people’s memories,” I responded. “Perhaps you have forgotten all the dumb mistakes we made back then and we were also good and smart?”

So this is for all the GOOD and SMART kids out there.  It’s a gentle reminder to consider your true motive for dating in high school and think about whether or not that time might be better spent on You.  I remember my senior year of high school and my friends and I elected to “date seriously.”  It was the worst year of our high school lives.  Prior to that my friend and I were happy go lucky teens who pretty much did whatever we wanted to do.  Dating complicated our lives and had us making decisions based on what other people wanted rather than what we wanted.  We were both academically smart, morally good, socially adept, and datingly STUPID! OMG were we STUPID!

Fortunately, because we were smart we eventually woke up, but not before some serious damage was done, to one of us more than the other. Now I realize this is not everyone’s story and there is a lot more to it that I could tell, however what I encourage teens I come across is to strongly consider forgoing dating at least until you are finished with college or close to it. You already have a lot you need to think about when it comes to making your dreams come true.  You don’t need any potential derailments or threats to achieving those dreams. It’s hard enough making decisions about YOU, so why complicate it by adding someone else’s desires concerning you to that mix?

I know some of you are going to say that you met your soulmate in high school, got married, and are still together 30 years later.  In fact I know a couple like that but even they have admitted to encouraging their kids to “not do that.”

So those are my thoughts.  I’d love to hear yours.  The poem is free to share and distribute to all the high schoolers in your world.-Lena




Figure it Out by Lena Fields-Arnold

i'm gonna be honest if you have treated me badly

Relationships are a natural part of life.  As humans we are built for them.  Sometimes however  they go off center.  Many times for reasons unknown and not even because we have done anything other than be ourselves.  It hurts when you give friendships, and relationships your all only to be bitten.  Most of the time we work hard to reconcile them.  To find some meaning behind the sting.

But, do we ask the bee why it stung us?  Do we question the wasps?  Do we interrogate the adders?

So this piece was written after being unexpectedly stung by someone I thought was a friend.  Being so blindsided it made me wonder, “Is this person really my friend, or is this a one sided relationship?”  I had a decision to make.  Try to find out why the person stung me and try to repair the breach.  OR-put salve on the injury and stay away from the bee.  What are your thoughts?

The Good Father Video Tribute to Dads

The Good Father Video Promo
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The Good Father-A Poetic Tribute to Men by Lena Arnold

Published by Emperor Publishing LLC
The Good Father by author Lena Fields-Arnold, is a tribute to all those dads out there doing the right thing. Being men, being responsible, and caring for their children. Everyday is FATHER’S DAY for the good dad, so email this to the Good Father’s in your life.

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