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The Good Father-A Poetic Tribute to Men by Lena Arnold

Published by Emperor Publishing LLC
The Good Father by author Lena Fields-Arnold, is a tribute to all those dads out there doing the right thing. Being men, being responsible, and caring for their children. Everyday is FATHER’S DAY for the good dad, so email this to the Good Father’s in your life.

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Dear Dad


Available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles or wherever books are sold. To order by check or money order email Discounts available for bulk orders. If you are the leader of a fatherhood group or male responsibility initiative, email me to receive a free copy while supplies last.

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Happy President’s Day

white house

The White House

Your door is shut against my tightened face,

I am sharp as steel with discontent;

Yet I possess the courage and the grace

To bear my anger proudly and unbent.

The pavement slabs burn loose beneath my feet,

A chafing savage, down the decent street;

And passion rends my vitals as I pass,

Where boldly shines your shuttered door of glass,

Oh, I must search for wisdom every hour,

Deep in my wrathful bosom sore and raw,

And find in it the superhuman power

To hold me to the letter of your law!

Oh, I must keep my heart inviolate

Against the potent poison of your hate.

Claude McKay (1890-1948)

obama family

The White House

Your door is open wide to my ecstatic face,

I am happy as a lark with great content;

I embody the spirit of courage and grace

To bear my newfound crosses without repent.

The pavement slabs welcome my shod feet,

A cool water flows on the burning hot street;

And restrained passion fills my heart as I laugh,

To see your open doors of wood and glass,

Oh, and I will pray for wisdom every hour,

Where deep in my grateful bosom to God I call,

And find in it the superhuman power

To revise the letter of the law!

Oh, I must keep my heart in constant grace

If I am to win this race.

Lena Arnold (1966-)

Penned upon the Day Barack Obama won the Presidential Election


November 4, 2008

I cry today for things endured

For brave battles fought

And for victories yet unsecured

For conquests hard won

I weep now for the women like me

Discarded and placed

On the bottom of the heap

I weep today for those

Full of sorrows

And for those who

Never believed

In better tomorrow’s

And though there are battles

Still to be fought

And wars from which

We’ve yet to prevail

I still weep

Because today I see

With my own eyes

What I never thought I’d see

A man in the White House

Who looks like me

by Lena Arnold

NOTE: These poems are not intended to be political or to confirm nor disavow my personal political affiliations. Rather they are intended to be inspirational and encourage us all to remember that God does not care about color, or race, but that He does care about each of us personally.  Barack Obama being elected is a constant reminder that there is still hope for our country and stands as a testament that perhaps we are not as divided as those who spew hate would like us to believe.  Because now, people of color can truly proclaim the words Happy Presidents Day! God bless you all today.-Lena

Duotrope: Valuable Resource for Writers

I just learned about this valuable resource for writers.  I will be starting my free trial today and periodically posting how it has been working for me.  Reviews seem really good.  They have been around since 2005. If you are a writer consider checking them out.

Duotrope: an award-winning resource for writers

PLEASE NOTE: I receive no compensation for this posting and I am not endorsing this product, but rather making writers aware that is a resource available to them.-Lena

Poetic Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin’s Quest

Oh faithful man who would not bow under

the cruel crushing hand of the enemy.

Though long you suffered, still privy to know,

the coming defeat of his foul cruelty.

Feeling deeply within your heart the call

of God’s men who as slaughtered lambs faithful;

did envision the day of Jim Crow’s fall,

urging you to press forward standing tall.

Hearing God say, “March on my dear son.”

Hearing God say, “Press on my people.”

Halls of Lady Justice echoed loudly,

with the shrill cries of dark earth’s hunted men.

Faces of amoral men look proudly,

disbelieving their cruel reign must now end.

The proud though, never give up nor give in.

Against the Divine they fail to desist.

Hatred as their friend—-yielding to its sin.

Evil in their heart—refuse to resist.

Did you o’ faithful one envision this;

When on the mountaintop you stood and said,

“Free at last.” True freedom your lips did kiss.

Till they found subtle ways to kill us dead!

Even now God is still to us saying.

“March on my dear sons and my dear daughters.

Press on my people. Press on my people.

by Lena Fields-Arnold

From the Book Strong Black Coffee: Poetry and Prose to Enlighten, Encourage, and Entertain Americans of African Descent



Cigarette PIMP

by Lena Arnold Posted 1/14/2019/(C) 2007

Image Courtesy of Truth Inside:


You though I was a punk!

You thought you could just

Pick me up


Put me down

Anytime you felt like it


I got my hooks in you,

Make you look like a fool

Make you jump through my hoops

Do what I tell you too.

If I say smoke

You do!

Boy I thought you knew!


You thought Crack was king!

Please Crack, Meth, Opiods ain’t got nothin’ on me

I’m the big P-I-M-P!

I kill more people in a day

Than they do in a year!

I destroy way more than alcohol.

I hook way more people than beer.


I’m the one who made that virgin a whore.

I don’t beat on ya

I’m not a gorilla

Mr. Butts created by Garry Trudeau for the comic strip Doonesbury

I ain’t gotta trunk ya

I sweet talk and finesse you

While I straight junk ya!

I’m that sneaky playa’

I lay with you once-make you think that you don’t want

me no more.

But I’m in your blood now

Before long, I know you’ll be back at my door

‘Cause I put something on ya!

Now you my whore

You gonna do what I say

‘cause I worked on your nerve endings

And burned the sensation of me right in ‘em

You can’t resist me

‘cause I make you feel so good

That you’re telling’ your friends about me

Come on

Send ‘em

I’ll trick them out too

Turn them into my whore

Just like I did you

Now git out there and turn a trick for me-fool!

Get out of your bed in the middle of the night and whore

for me-cool?

‘Cause now you my b-i-t-c-h!

Aw-was that too rough for ya?

Alright then w-i-t-c-h!

Yeah, you love me!

So we can keep having our fun.

And when I’m done

with you,

I’ll replace you

‘cause I’m like the Army

I’m always looking for a few good men

Or children

Oh yeah I like ‘em young!

I’m the original p-e-d-o-phile

I will straight up lie to you

While I make you smile

I want to be that cult that blood relations can’t see

Hide me from your parents

So they can’t help get you away from me

I’m gonna get in your pocket

Keep you broke

I’m going to block your veins

Till your heart choke

I’m a pimp you like Big Daddy

And ride you like a train

And make you believe that

you can’t ever get out of my game

I gotta do it!

I know I ain’t right?

I’m a devil,

a for real, deal parasite.

Who only exists to snuff out your life!

So warn your friends before they think of picking up me

That I am the original gangsta-the real P-I-M-P

Once you start to roll-ain’t no winning with me!

From the Book Scenes From the City:Poetic Pictures of Urban Life Available on Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, or wherever books are sold.


I Am Yellow: Prose of Self Acceptance

I am yellow

I admit that now

Decades of struggling to be

“Black Enough”

Have made me weary

So I am just


light skinned


but not black

more like black like Jews are Jews

Jewish being both religion and race

Not a color

but a people

That’s me

black as in race?


Is that all I am?

Or am I more than that?

I’m the HBCU of people if you will

an HBCP really

a Historically Black Colored Person

One who is tired

tired of feeling like I must apologize for my color

tired of saying “Yes these are my real eyes!” and “Yes this is my real hair!”

questions no one ever asks white people

tired of people thinking I’m physically weak because of my light skin

Don’t get it twisted-I’m not weak!

tired of putting myself in the box marked black

I am not a check mark beside a box

tired of being angry at the police

because they can’t figure where to put people like me

a decision which often determines how they treat people like me

X Mixed Race-“Be careful how you treat them, we don’t know what white people they may be related to in this town?

X Latino-“Are you an American Citizen? Where are you from?”

X Black-“License and Registration right now?”

So yeah!

I’m yellow!

Light skinned








whatever the flavor of the day is

like Queen screaming, “I’s Nigra too!”

More like an HBCU though

doors open

eagerly embracing

all the parts of me

The good

the bad

The pretty

the ugly



Native American


It’s all there

just as God intended


I’m cool with that

Lena Fields-Arnold-Amazing 21st Century Writer