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Combating the Home Schooling Myths

Lena Arnold- March 13,2019

Combating Home Schooling Myths

So I was having a great conversation with a colleague and the topic of homeschooling came up.  Somehow that led to her making a comment about homeschoolers and vaccinations. Apparently, as I was informed, vaccinations and homeschooling were somehow synonymous in the minds of many. By synonymous I mean the thought that all people who homeschool are anti-vaccinations.

Once again homeschooling parents have been pre-judged in the minds of many as kooky, anti-government, anti-vaccine, religious, hippie nuts. Even my colleague, as I learned was in this camp.

I gotta tell you, I was a little hurt.

I like to think of myself as a pretty intelligent, fairly open mined conservative who respects government.  I’m good at my job, and while I do work in radio-I hope I’m not perceived as kooky.

“Actually, that is a myth,” I said.

“Huh?” She responded.

“That’s a widely, and non factually reported myth that parents who homeschool don’t believe in vaccinations.”

“It is.  I just thought…”

“As one of the founders of a local homeschool network I can tell you that virtually every child in our group was vaccinated against most of the major diseases-at least the ones that can kill you.”

I went on to tell her, that of the two who weren’t vaccinated it was only because they had health issues and the parents had decided to wait until those issues were resolved before embarking on full scale vaccinations that could negatively impact their issues.

Some parents had elected not to vaccine for chicken pox, preferring to allow the illness believing that going through it would strengthen their immune system, and others had insisted the doctors give one shot at a time-over time, rather than multiple vaccines at the same time.  But for the most part all the kids were vaccinated.

Other groups report the same thing.  While some parents elect not to vaccinate, and some only vaccinate for the major diseases-most still believe that they do more good than harm.

Probably the only difference between homeschool parents and non-homeschool parents are two things.

  1. Home school parents respect those families who chose not to vaccinate their kids. They don’t pressure them or try to shame them into vaccinations. They don’t shun them, and they don’t exclude their children from play groups.  They respect the importance of parents having the right to decide what is best for their child and they resent government and medical attempts to override parental authority. Contrary to media hype, most parents (homeschool and increasingly non homeschool alike) don’t buy into the myth that un-vaccinated kids are a threat to society.

2.  Homeschool parents are more likely to reject new, unproven, and unnecessary                  vaccines such as the HPV vaccine.  Most parents (including many non-homeschool)              parents reject the notion that children who are not yet sexually active need to be                protected from an STD.

There are so many more myths associated with homeschooling, but since extensive and well-written articles on that have already been penned, I will simply provide links to many of those articles below and I truly hope if you are here you will read them.

While there certainly are people who homeschool for nefarious reasons, the vast majority of Home school parents are quite altruistic in their reasons for electing to educate at home.  Every person in our group had a different reason for doing so, but we all wanted what was best for our children.  We are intelligent, rational people. Our kids are not socially inept. We come from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. We all have one common goal-to educate our children.

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