The Finish

The Finish

by Lena Arnold

 The FinishHistory of the above poem The Finish

I recently learned that my poem “The Finish” was in a high school graduation flyer in a completely different state.  I didn’t mind that.  In fact I was very flattered.  The whole point of the poem is to inspire people never to give up. What did bother me was the fact that whoever decided to put it in the flyer did not bother to cite the author ME!  My friend who was at the graduation saw it and exclaimed to the person who created the flyer, “This is my friends poem! Where did you get this and why isn’t her name on it?”

The person replied, “You’re friend wrote this.  Really? No she didn’t I just found it somewhere.”  As if my friend couldn’t possibly have a friend who could write such an inspirational poem. Oh, and she never elaborated where the “somewhere” was she found it. So I was in effect flattered and insulted all in the same day.

God gave me this poem in 1986.  I said God because I believe God gave me the gift of writing and I am often inspired by the Word of God to write. So I don’t mean He literally spoke to me in a cloud of light, I simply mean He inspired me and I wrote the poem.

It was copy written at that time and first performed publicly by ME at a graduation ceremony for a non-profit program for run by an organization called Project IMPACT Dayton.  I was an employee and co-creator of a program called the Truancy Prevention Project, which is still being utilized by an organization called Project CURE in Dayton, OH.

Since that time, I have placed this poem on the last page of every book I have written and published, with the exception of Jackie’s Way. It can also be found on all my blogs.

So, if you ever see my poem The Finish with the words “author anonymous” or “author unknown,” or no author at all, do me and all other writers a favor-contact whoever published it and send them this link.  While it feels good to inspire, being invisible-Not so much.-Lena Fields-Arnold, Author “The Finish.”

Here’s a picture with the poem. Please feel free to share it with them as well as with anyone else who might need a word of encouragement.

God Bless-Lena

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