6 thoughts on “Conversations with my Atheist Friend #2

    1. Depends on which side of the coin lands on heads deoes’t it? What is more important is that my friend and I can believe different things and still be friends. We debate, we laugh and joke, we are sometimes serious, but our love for one another is real. We don’t don’t have to agree on religion or politics to be friends.

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      1. I don’t think there is inherently anything wrong with theories. I just think it’s just as wrong for people to cram theories down peoples throats like its a law. Much the same way people get angry when they feel religions are cramming their beliefs down their throat. And yes, I agree-we both could be doing more useful things with our time. Like finding things we can agree on, rather than things that divide. My friend and I have found a way to do that and I am very grateful for our ability to overcome our differences. He is a wonderful person whom I love dearly. I think its great that people can disagree and still be friends. Can we agree on that?


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