Why Every Professional Needs a Personal Image Consultant?-Part 2

by Guest Blogger

Jenny Dewberry, Founder and CEO

People Power Consultancy Group

Image Consulting is now for men and women; we are long past the time when only athletes, politicians and Hollywood celebrities sought out the service of an image professional.

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Today, anyone can employ an image consultant to assist them in improving their personal, professional style and brand. One might ask” why do I need an image consultant”?

There are many answers to that question; but only one answer that is top of mind for the professional- to develop your professional presence.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 Americans feel that Appearance is important” in terms of happiness, social life and the ability to get ahead”?  Additionally, studies show that people who are perceived to be more attractive get better jobs, promotions, are better received by others, and are considered more successful. The term attractive, in this instance is not referencing adornments alone; Image goes far beyond one’s style of dress, which is why if your desire is to advance in your career or be taken more seriously as a leader; you need an image consultant.

According to Brian Tracy, Author of Psychology of Advancement, “many capable men and women are disqualified from job opportunities because they simply don’t look the part”. Your appearance strongly influences other people’s perception of your

  1. Authority
  2. Trustworthiness
  3. Intelligence
  4. Suitability for hire, or promotion

Why is there a need for an image consultant?

This is a great question, but almost rhetorical. Sometimes I feel like I’m preaching to the choir but, in any given workplace today, there are people who show up as less than their best. For some it is mindset, for others, it is lack of knowledge. At any rate, the need is real.  We are confused as a society of what is and is not for specific office cultures. Dressing up for work, maintaining a polished pristine image has become a classical lost art- this is in part due to both generational and value shifts.

At the same time, the world of work has changed. Today, employees can work from home- which naturally changes he effort and often lack thereof that goes into polishing your image. Millennial’s and Generation Z, right, or wrong, have a different mindset as to what is right, or wrong. There is an emphasis on self-expression understandably and, learning the intersectionality between who I am, and the company culture is critical. To success.

Why Hire an Image Consultant?

I have assisted many men and women who just do not know what to wear; how to create a professional look while staying true to their personal style. I say; Getting ready for work should not feel like a chore. An image consultant will teach you how to create an effortless wardrobe that will ensure an effortless morning, giving you back the gift of time. We are experts in developing wardrobe essentials that will give the client a polished well- maintained appearance daily. We teach you the essentials of dressing for your role and show you how to make a positive impact on your employer, or your staff, which can set you apart from others and place you first in line for a promotion, to represent your company, or lead certain First impressions are vital! If we do not properly represent who we say we are from the onset, we have instantly disqualified ourselves, and will probably never get an opportunity to get past the initial introduction. No one will want to listen to you, give you their business, or hire you, if you have not put effort in the effort to show up as your best self. So, if you are-

  • You may be at a pivotal point in your career
  • You may desire to project a more professional image adapted to your industry
  • You are newly entering the job market and need guidance

Developing your professional presence and Brand is critical to your success. This will show you as a credible, competent asset to your company, as well as set you apart from others.—Jenny Dewberry

If you wish to develop your image, image consultants are experts in identifying areas of lack, and finding the best way to overcome those issues on an individualized basis.There are array of services that image consultants provide and in most instance more than one service will be needed.

power walk
At People Power Consultancy Group, we work with professionals to improve your professional or updated appearance. We help our clients to make changes to their looks, communications, and behavior. After your session with an Image Consultant, you will have the necessary tools to elevate your overall image. We are here to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself.

If you Commit to working with a professional image consultant, you are saying, yes to a more pristine image, a promising career, better work relationships, confidence and a greater sense of empowerment.

Having a well -polished appearance creates credibility, trust and will have others view you as the professional and intricate part of any team. This process begins with knowing how to dress for your body type. As we all know, every- body made is different, therefore it is critical to know what style of dress, what textile, patterns, or fabrics will best compliment your body shape; helping you successfully create the professional look you desire.

As we move beyond the “first impression” an image consultant will work with the professional man, or woman on improving their behavior and communication skills. Dressing for success means conducting ourselves in a professional and positive manner.

It seems that professional etiquette has gone away however, it is one of the most desired attribute employers are seeking in employees and candidates. Image consultants know what employers are looking for and can coach their clients in identifying and enhancing those qualities in which they already possess and cultivate them into leadership skills.

If, you wish to evolve both personally and, more so professionally, an Image Consultant is the expert to assist you in achieving the growth that you desire.

As mentioned above, there is endless reward in investing in yourself. Such as:

  • Heightened clarity
  • Proper business etiquette skills
  • Improved credibility
  • A personal brand that will set you apart from your competitors
  • An overall poised image.

As we know, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression; why not do it right the first time!

To learn more about Jenny Dewberry and People Power Consultancy Group visit: peoplepowerconsultancygroup.com or call 1-800-970-9375

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