Leadership Lessons I Learned from Peanuts: Lesson #5 Franklin

Photo PeanutsClub.com

Got Drums? ‘Cause Franklin Marches to the beat of his own.

FRANKLIN-is clearly the token black, but news flashFranklin doesn’t care! Neither does anyone else in the Peanuts world. This cast of characters lives six out of seven days of the week in a colorless world.  Maybe they don’t even know Franklin is black.  Maybe Franklin doesn’t know either, at least until Sunday when the color cartoons are printed.  Either way Franklin seems to walk through the Peanuts world oblivious to the fact that he is a token.  Perhaps because Franklin has decided that the world doesn’t get to define him.  Only he gets to decide what he is. Just because his creator ultimately in the great scheme of creating decide to make him a different color doesn’t make him any less a member of the Peanuts universe.  He may not appear as often, but when he does he pops off the page like a shooting star.  I like that.  He’s cool too.  He’s the perfect complement for that big round headed kid he hangs with. Is it just me, or does he coolify Charlie Brown. Yes-I just made up a word and I want credit for it.

Coolify-the state or process of making someone cooler just by being in their presence!-Lena Arnold


UPDATE-Someone beat me to the word-AW Man and I totally thought I had coolified this page!!!!  Learn more at http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=coolify

Next Lesson-Woodstock


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