Leadership Lessons I Learned from Peanuts: Lesson #3 Lucy

Photo Credit ClipArtHut.com

LUCY-Ah Lucy! Of all the characters Lucy is my favorite.  Like me she was a middle girl sandwiched between two boys, but make no mistake Lucy called the shots! Lucy is confident, strong, fearless, bold, brash, and says exactly what is on her mind.  Even when Lucy is being insulted it never fazes her. On the rare occasions it does, her response is to slug you!  She is sooooooooooo me! She defies every convention of what it means to be a girl while managing to still be girly. I love it! Yet even in her crabbiness she has a caring side that slips out from time to time. Not often, but enough to see that within the painted lines Lucy has depth.  The best thing about Lucy is that she is authentic. She is confident. She is never afraid to be Lucy.


Lucy gets two photos ’cause she’s a BOSS!lucy-2

Next Lesson: Pig Pen


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