Leadership Lessons I Learned from Reading Peanuts Lesson # 1

by  Lena Arnold

November 22, 2016

Like most Americans my age I grew up reading Peanuts and watching every Peanuts special that came on TV.  On a recent library trip with my family I rediscovered the world of Peanuts and came to understand just how much of a genius Charles Shultz was.

Even more exciting was unearthing the golden leadership lessons to be found within the pages and within the hearts of the characters created by Schultz. For the next few days I will be sharing some leadership lessons I learned from reading Peanuts.

Photo: peanuts.wikia.com

DAY 1-Lessons I learned from SCHROEDER– Okay, so I like all kinds of music.  But I grew up in a neighborhood that would barbecue you if you admitted to loving anything other than R&B. Seriously I mean I was weaned on James Brown and fell in love with music because of the Jackson 5. So when I received a Barry Manilow album as a Christmas present one year I refused to play it. C’mon man-BARRY MANILOW!  Frankly I was insulted by the gift. Eventually I broke down and played it out of sheer curiosity and to both my surprise and horror-I liked it.  At first I wouldn’t admit it, but then I remembered Schroeder who unabashedly loved everything Beethoven. It was a weird passion, his friends didn’t understand it, but they accepted him for who he was and in his own way he gave strength to the rest of the gang to be who they were created to be.


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