Leadership Lesson I Learned from Reading Peanuts-Lesson # 2 Linus

by Lena Arnold

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Day 2-Lessons I learned from LINUS-Enter Linus, the super intelligent kid who could quote scripture like an old country pastor. Who dispensed wisdom like a sage, and who dragged around a blanket while sucking his thumb.  Some say religion is a crutch for the weak.  Well, you know what, Linus wasn’t afraid to acknowledge his weakness.  He understood life is tough and sometimes you just need something to make you feel a little better about being in it. He did not care what anyone thought about his choice for a crutch either.  It made him feel better and that was that.  We can take note from Linus that if you need help-go get it!  If you need comfort seek it from something other than a bottle or pills or something that can hurt you.  Go to church, read your Bible, or other holy books, see a therapist. Do whatever you need to feel better.  Or you can be like Linus-grab a blanket, find a cuddly dog, and a safe place to suck your thumb.


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