Top 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Teach my Kids to Believe in Santa Claus

by Lena Arnold

Krampus the Demon of Christmas

Before you read any further, I’d like to offer you the following alert penned by Lydia McGrew on her blog—Curmudgeon alert: If the title of this entry offends you, read no farther. I wouldn’t want to upset anybody. (Right? I’m always very careful not to offend anybody…) Seriously, I’m not implying that anybody is a bad parent for teaching their kids to believe in Santa Claus. To be sure, in giving one of my own chief reasons for not doing so, I mean to present this as a reason for others to consider not doing so, either. But I’m not trying to give anybody a hard time. –Lydia McGrew

Add my own—-Seriously, please don’t send me a bunch of emails that I’m a Grinch.  I get enough heat from my family members who are already pissed that my children have ruined Christmas for their children because they had the nerve to say-SANTA ISN”T REAL.  “Why you mad at me?” I said.  I’m not the one who lied to my kids.”

Okay, anyway-so here we go!

Number 5:  I teach my children the true meaning of Christmas!  Sure we like to pretend it’s about Jesus, but the truth is-this celebration stretches all the way back to Babylon.  The celebration of the winter solstice was later mingled with Christianity to keep the peace in ancient Rome.  Believe it or not, the celebration of Christmas was once outlawed in America. If you want a history lesson, read The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop.

Number 4:  Can you say Pedophile Resistance Training?  Think about it.  You spent the whole first 5 to six years of your kid(s) life telling them to beware of strangers offering you gifts and candy.  Then you take them to the mall, tell them to sit on the lap of a stranger, who promises them gifts and hands them candy!  And you have the nerve to wonder why little Susie is bawling her eyeballs out. I’m just sayin’!

Number 3: There is no way we’re giving some fat, red cheek, white dude credit for all our hard work. As an American of mixed ancestry, primarily and historically of the black race, why  would I tell my child some white man (i.e. MASSA) is going to give them gifts if they are good, but punish them if they are bad?

Number 2: TRUTH Training.  Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc.,  these are but a few of the lies taught to us as small children to keep us in line.  We begin their lives with lies, then drag them to church and teach them what?  Is it another lie?  Is it the truth?  Who knows once they find out that santa, the easter bunny, and the tooth fairy are illusions.

Regardless of what your religious beliefs are, why would you start out lying to your kid(s)?  If for example; you are trying to teach them in a benevolent, all knowing, all seeing God, who metes out rewards for those who are good and punishments for those who are bad, why compromise your principles?  “Oh, I’m sorry; did I tell you Santa was real?  Oh, I lied so you would have a fun, happy, and imaginative childhood!  What about the ‘other’ God I taught you about?  Well of course he’s real honey?  How should you know?  Well because I told you so…”  Hmm!

And the number 1 reason I don’t teach my kids Santa is real……(Drumroll Please!!!!)

1. Mix the letters around and Santa spells-Satan

That said, we still celebrate Christmas (sometimes); but we celebrate it in TRUTH.  We don’t lie to them and tell them Santa brought them gifts, We bake cookies; we put up trees and we decorate them (although we are weaning ourselves away from this tradition).  We watch the holiday specials.  I go shopping with my cousin on black Friday, and we give and receive gifts.  We even talk about Jesus and why His birth was important to the world.  But we also tell them, the truth behind the season and we don’t dress it up by saying “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” because actually He’s not. We tell them that if the celebration of Christmas were to end today, it is NOT the end of the world.  We have fun, but we do not make it more than what it is.

This time of year is a high suicide season. People get so caught up in traditions and develop exceedingly high expectations, because they think there is something SPECIAL and MAGICAL about the day.  If they don’t feel something SPECIAL and MAGICAL, then they want to die.  So in my truth telling, I am trying to teach them a balanced perspective. AKA-keeping it real! Guess what, my children are happy, imaginative, creative and have fun.

I’ll leave you with this thought from GrinchMommy, who posted on

Another reason why Santa’s identity should be unveiled once and for all has nothing to do with the poor rich kids whose dreams of flying reindeer and friendly elves are prematurely quashed; and everything to do with all of the unfortunate children in the world whom Santa routinely “forgets.” It is simply cruel to coddle belief in a figure who purports to know every child by name, yet is discriminates in his gift-giving, showering some children’s homes while skipping over others. While no one likes to be the source of his/her child’s disappointment, it is far better in this case for the parent to take the blame for the absence of gifts on Christmas morning than St. Nick. As humans, we are subject to weaknesses, inadequacies, and failings that our child will eventually understand and overcome. Such understanding and acceptance may not be as easily earned from a figure who falls short of his promise to deliver a special gift to EVERY good girl and boy.”-GrinchMommy

santa these nutsSanta deez Nuts


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Teach my Kids to Believe in Santa Claus

  1. Marion Witcher

    Love your thought-provoking commentaries! When it comes to the Santa Claus, I remember being so proud as a child to have burst my sister’s bubble by telling her that there was no Santa Claus. I later learned that our family’s tradition with Santa Claus had to do with a man called St Nicholas. He was a kind and rich man. More importantly, he was not a fairy tale; St. Nicholas was a real human being. In fact, he was a devout Christian. When his parents died, he was left a large sum of money and used his inheritance to help the poor and the sick. Although I am fully aware of the pagan aspect that you have shared, I am glad to know about work of the real St. Nick.

    Our family’s tradition during this season of the year is to give honor to whom honor is due by celebrating the fact that God sent Jesus into the world. We also share the significance of his birth with a Happy Birthday Jesus cake and we share who St Nick “was”. He was a good man who loved God and shared the wealth that that he inherited with the needy. Sharing the truth behind our family tradition’s makes Christmas really special for my family.

    Having grand babies, I love singing Christmas songs, Silent night and Away in the Manager. I am also loving sharing and watching Old Christmas classics, such as Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer. The only way that kids get messed up is if we (the adults) tell them things like reindeer really can fly! LOL!


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