Is Mime Appropriate in the Christian Church? Part 1


by Lena M. Fields-Arnold

Originally Prepared for a Class Research Paper for Liberty University-Online


Throughout the next few posts I will discuss the current trend of mime in the Christian Church and attempt to answer the question of whether or not it is an appropriate form of ministry for the church.  Proponents of mime claim it is acceptable and gives young people a new opportunity to worship.  Opponents of mime feel that because of its pagan roots it has no place as a valid ministry.  In particular I will look at the history of mime, masks, make up, and movement in religious ceremonies, share insight from both critics and supporters, and consider whether mime as used by the church is mindless entertainment or a valid, Christ honoring ministry.  This research draws upon mostly interviews, primary sources including books, articles, and other publications.

Keywords: mine, pantomime, clowns, Christian, church, entertainment, ministry

Photo Credit-Augusta Times

Coming Next-Introduction


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